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· How do I find out about the latest job openings in Twilightgroup Corporation?

The latest job openings will be posted on Twilightgroups 's Current Job Openings page.Here are the link: http://www.zhaopin.com/. Log in and follow

the instructions to create  your Candidate Profile. We will process your application as soon as possible.

· I have already submitted my resume at the Job Opening page and was wondering when the interview will be arrange?

Arrangements for the interview process will be take within 3 days. If Human Resources determines that your qualifications and experience match

the job opening, you will be contacted for an interview via the information you provided in your application.

If you do not receive a request to come in for an interview, your Candidate Profile will still be saved in our database so that we might refer to it

as new job opportunities that might better suit you open up.

· Do I have to create my Candidate Profile on the Job Opening page?

Yes, this is the most effective way for us to process your resume.

· Will I need to take any tests during the interview?

Yes, in order for us to best understand and evaluate job condidates, all applicants are required to take certain tests in accordance with their

the particular positions for which they have applied:

A: Technicians: General Competency Test

B: Sales representative/ Administration: English, Intelligence tests, Professional tests (depending on the nature of the work you would perform

for us, you will be required to do other tests.)

· How long does the interview take?

The interview will take about 1-

2 hours. In addition to the interviews, a written test (1to 2 hours) is also required. As the case may be, a second examination may also be held.

· I’m not local, what is the fast way to get to Twilightgroups?

The fast way to get to Twilightgroups is by subway. Here are the information of Longhua office.

Room 9078, Dongbian Commerical Building, Longhua District,Shenzhen City ( Mingzhi metro entrance D)