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Purchasing knob dimmable led aquarium lights for convenience

As we all know, there are many requirements on LED AQUARIUM lights, especially for the safety and quiet issues.

There are so many types of led aquarium lights on the market. Today we want to here introduce twilight professional series knob dimmable led aquarium lights.with timer and controller dimmable design,it can used  intelligently.

Taking USA Bridgelux and Taiwan Epistar as LEDS and LED interval which is very suitable for sea creatures. It was built in timer  to Control the Brightness .Both the 3 channel is Separated

Whats more, the ratio can be customized and they adopted toughened glass which means not easy to break,more safe.

On the other hand, External power Super heat sink tech has been adopted which input low voltage power , ensures the safety, reduces the main lights weight and heat, but causes no additional burden on the tank.100% light effect, for the additional benefit ,  an 60°lens has been added on the knob dimmable led aquarium lights to avoid the stigma.

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