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What is a qualified led par light?

As we all know,there are many high-power led grow lights in the market which are wide-recognized by growers.But there are still one place for the elegant par series plant lights.What are the reasons?

Firstly,It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. , With cooling fan, and the fan sound small, good heat dissipation,usually the lifespan is 50,000 hours long , No heavy metal, environmental-friendly.

Secondly,what makes the par series differ from others is it can be installed easily.take twilight group led for example,The lighting area and height above the plant can be changed according to different plants and environment,and also technical parameters are changed.it Can be directly placed above the tank,no scorching at all

they produced by Twilight exclusive development, can only be bought from our company 7, We also have holder(single and double) suitable for lamp use.

Lastly,the material parts of 54w led cannabis can be used last to 10 years.the lens is  frosting surface, not easy to scratch, and more uniform light,the following case is plastic housing, which means it is safety.The chips usually is Cree base LED which can result in good heat dissipation light effects, Twilight led also uses E26/E27 base and Built-in power supply,CE approved.

Above all.with these qualifications and low prices, par38 15x3w 45w cree can be accepted by more kinds people.

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