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Aspects that UFO led grow lights are differ from others

With technology developed and there are amounts of led grow lights have sprung up in the past few years,and what has brought up to the growers is that how to decide and the comparison of different  types of led grow lights.

 Here i would take Twilights UFO led grow lights as a sample since it has a long history on LED and it had won a wide range of audiences all over the world.


Using high efficient 1w /3w LED as the light source.it saves 80%power comparing with traditional HPS or MH.Both the Lifetime reaches 50,000 hours and it means they are typically last 7-10 yeas before you need to consider replacing.

Lighting color

The lighting color maybe the most people who concerns.Twilights led grow lights use full spectrum  and Red is good for flowering, budding and blue is good for vegetative and,you can choose the wavelength and color ratio which is most suitable for your plant growth..Whats more, they are Environment-friendly  no mercury and other harmful heavy metal.

Air fan

Different  from other companys Flat structure,this type light introduces High quality heat sink panel with "FINS" not "Flant",with Built-in cooling system (thermostatically controlled fans ),running quiet and cool no need heat.


Unique design with its pleasant form,this greenhouse grow lights has a Built-in power supply,so you can required no set-up, just simpler and safer plugs directly into AC85V-265V, and no reflector & ballast needed.You can choose different plug according to the Voltage.Last but not least,This Classic design has made it popular one and the price has been the comparable.

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