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We are locating a Industrial Park with 7building from
A-G like below picture,  our company is in building F.

This is front desk of our company, Twilight Group Co., LTD is holding the full stock of the factory and another
company below is supplying the materials of lamp
for us.

Our sales Team with 6 colleagues,  we are working in
this afternoon, just in noon break, not so exciting.

There is a long corridor from sales team to manufactur dept. Two sides are plant for producing lamps. (The roof of corridor is LED spot light, this is day time not very clear to see. Night time is very beautiful :) )

The manufacturing dept., there is a entrance guard
system, need magcard to enter.(Actually NO PHOTO,
but I got franchise from boss for showing the factory
to you)

This is one of our plants, some workers are in lunch
time at this moment.There are some workers are
still busy to send the goods today.

Engineering Department and Storage of materials.

Aging testing room for 300pcs lamps to test together.