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Twilightgroups provides various leisure

activities for our employees, such as

group travel opportunities, free or

reduced price movie tickets, mixers

and other networking opportunities

for singles, a grand End of the Year

Banquet, and more throughout the year.

Twilightgroups also provides employees with access to work and personal counseling services

via an independent professional counseling association. These confidential sessions are

offered to help our employees deal with stress, receive advice on work or life problems,

and to smooth any difficulties that may arise. For our new employees, we have instituted a

series of 'tea time' group meetings where participants can meet new colleagues and share

their experiences or issues in a relaxed, informal environment to help them acculturate to

working at Twilightgroups.

In order to facilitate communication about and solutions to issues

raised by employees, Twilightgroups holds periodic open

meetings with representatives of employees in each department.

These allow a second conduit, in addition to the traditional

organizational hierarchy, through which the company can

proactively tackle issues before they become serious problems.