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Bonuses handed out at Mid-autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Spring

Festival allocated from the company's earnings and depending on business

conditions and individual performance.

Allowances and other benefits specific to particular positions.

Quarterly or annual incentive and performance based bonusesProfit sharing.

Employees receive an allotment of annual leave, maternity/paternity leave,

menstrual period leave for female employees and various other allowances.

Managers receive an additional allotment of annual leave.

Employees can take advantage of our comprehensive insurance options and

benefits such as:Health Insurance,

Labor Insurance Worker's Compensation Insurance,

Various Group Insurance options (including medical, life, cancer, and

accident insurance), and Insurance coverage for employees traveling

overseas on business.

Dependents (parents, children, spouse) can also be added to many of

these group insurance plans.

Free health check-up and physical for new employees.

Regular check-ups for all employees, regular cancer screenings offered for

female employees.

Annual influenza vaccines provided.

A wellness center provides health care information and help for minor ailments.

Periodic visits by physicians to the company to provide consultations and


Secure internal employee website provides employees online access to health

check-up and other medical records.

Employees can take advantage of periodic professional massage service.

Twilightgroups also holds occasional health related activities and lecture.

Twilightgroups provides space for various leisure activities at its facilities

(such as ping-pong, billiards,aerobics classrooms, and others)

On-site convenience store and café provides employees a convenient place

to buy daily necessities or simply to re-energize.

Other resources include an on-site mini-clinic as well as a nursing room

with nursing resources.