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Our tester Vitamin's Grow Journal on Rollitup Forum

Twilight Spider 4's Testing indoor growing by Vitamin, He is doing the grow journal now. Let's have a review of this.

This will be my first post featuring Twighlight LED! They graciously sent me a light, Spider 4, to run in my 11/13 test tent.


Right now I am running Karma Genetics A5Haze crosses that needed testing(xJJAfricanHaze, xKarmaNigerianHaze, and xSourJack). I am also running 3 SuperQrazy from BigWorm Genetics!

The SuperQrazy were vegged for a couple of weeks, placed into 2 liter Hempy's, then topped 1x. It's the end of week 1 for them

The Karma testers had already been under a RapidLED Indus 10 under 13/11 lighting from birth and at week 3 the time was dropped to 12/12 and then I positioned them under the Spider 4 and set the time to 11/13. They are at the end of week 4 currently They are in 16oz solo cup Hempys and I only just started feeding a week ago. I have 1 female confirmation on the KNigerian and a couple of males have showed their parts and been culled. I'm expecting 10-16 week flowrr times on these Narrow-Leaf Old-Skool Hazes! So I will be uppotting once more males are removed

The Spider 4 seems to be a decent light so far, and the tent I have it in is 36" x 24". So 6~ sq feet to cover. It's currently 16 inches above the Super Qrazy and 20 inches above the Karma Xs.

I am awaiting a 6inch filter from GreenGatorFilters!!! But until then I just have the two overhead fans and during the day I point a rotating tower fan at them as well.

Should be a fun run and I will continue to keep y'all updated!

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